?Yum - a chilled range of healthy indulgent dessert drinks - lets sweet-toothed consumers tuck into 'puddings' without feeling guilty. Each drink contains fewer than 20 calories and comes in six flavours including lemon cheesecake, rhubarb & custard and banoffee pie. The range - from Vimto - is a new concept that taps the healthy indulgence trend and arrives on shelves this month. It is aimed at women aged 18 to 40.

Relative newcomer to the soft drinks category The Juice Doctor recently launched three new Hydration Fix drinks. Blackcurrant, apple and pineapple flavours were added to the existing range of pomegranate, tropical and lemon. The brand claims to have created the functional hydration sector and is encouraging consumers to drink the guideline daily two litres of water.

?Del Monte's Fruitini High Juice aims to give children a juice-filled drink in a lunchbox-friendly format. It contains at least 70% juice with water and comes in a 200ml long-life carton in orange & grape and blackcurrant & grape varieties. Del Monte believes this compares favourably with brands such as Fruit Shoot and Ribena, which contain less than 10% fruit content, and says there is a huge opportunity in the children's juice drink category, particularly for lunchboxes.

New Panda Juice is a range of fun drinks for children that contain 70% fruit juice and 30% water - with no added sugar, sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives. It is the latest innovation from the Panda brand, which was relaunched last year with healthier product formulations, packaging redesign and above-the-line support. Flavours are apple, strawberry & banana and orange, lemon & lime.

?Coke's latest limited edition - orange flavour - hits shelves in July following the success of last year's Coke with Lime, which produced a 40% increase in sales. Coca-Cola is looking for a similar sales uplift this year with the variant, which comes in six-can packs, 500ml and two-litre bottles. It will be supported by a £2.5m campaign in July. The company is also launching a new soft drink for adults, Schweppes Straight Cut, this summer.

Tropicana Go! added apple as its most recent flavour extension. It contains 70% pure juice and 30% water as well as vitamin C and fruit extract, designed to appeal to mums who want to give their children a tasty but healthy juice drink. Children are already big fans of apple, according to Tropicana, consuming 60% of all apple juice drinks. The new product is getting £6m in marketing support this year, including TV, press and sampling events.

?Lucozade Sport Raspberry and Sport Tropical are the latest new flavours under the energy drink brand. They replaced Mixed Berry and Lemon earlier this year and are being backed by Lucozade as part of a £10m media spend, with almost £1m being spent to support the flavour change. It is also running a nationwide sampling campaign from May to July, in which drinks will be handed out to football fans and runners.

Women are the main target of Oasis's latest product launch, Oasis Extra Light, which comes in Summer Fruits, Peach Passion and Power Berry flavours. It replaced Fusion and other light ranges. Coca-Cola Enterprises hopes the new drinks will put more focus on drinking Oasis with food and will spend nearly one third of its £3.6m budget this year promoting Oasis with food through food promotions and merchandising.