Infant food brand Ella's Kitchen plans to further boost its rocketing sales with the launch of new breakfast and stage 3 ranges designed for babies and toddlers.

Earlier this year, founder Paul Lindley predicted company sales would double to more than £7m over the course of 2009. But this week he said the business was "way ahead of target".

"We are currently on track for retail sales of £20m this year, which is more than double last year, and the new ranges will fuel this growth."

The new Baby Brekkie range arrives in banana and mango flavours (rsp: 84p per 100g pouch) and contains a blend of organic fruit purée, natural yoghurt and wholegrain rice, suitable for babies from six months old.

Although rival baby food brands had chosen to disregard Department of Health recommendations that products for babies below six months should not contain dairy, Lindley said he had chosen to follow the minimum age guidelines.

Meanwhile, the four-strong stage 3 toddler range will be aimed at children from 10 months. It includes chunkier recipes more suitable for babies with new teeth, such as cottage pie with a pinch of cinnamon and Caribbean chicken with mangoes (rsp: £1.69 per 190g pouch).

"By this time, little ones are starting to explore the world around them and exploring new tastes and textures, which is why it's important they try new flavours and get used to giving their new teeth a chewy workout," said Lindley.

Both ranges are launched into major multiples this month.