The price of the major supermarkets’ UHT milk is following its fresh counterpart upwards. Tesco and Sainsbury this week increased the price of cheapest own-label UHT milk from 32p to 35p, though Asda had not followed suit as we went to press.
The move is good news for the processing and farming sectors. It is notoriously difficult to increase prices in the UHT market because of import substitution. Farmers said they would keep a close watch on retailers to see if this happened.
Milk price rises are continuing to filter through to farmers after the recent 3.5ppl retail rise on fresh.
Arla’s price to producers is up 0.75ppl for March. Robert Wiseman Dairies will rise 0.9ppl and Milk Link 0.3ppl.
<<p40 Milk price shake-up