UK consumers are drinking more alcoholic drinks at home and eating less fruit and vegetables, a government report has shown.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ 2003-04 Expenditure and Food Survey found that the purchase of alcoholic drinks by UK households has risen by nearly 10% in a year.

It also found that in the ten years to 2004, the amount of money spent on take-home alcohol increased by nearly 50% to £40bn a year.

Further data found that there had been a slight fall in the consumption of fruit and vegetables, with the average person eating 3.7 portions compared with the recommended five portions.

The average person spent £1.80 a week on vegetable, excluding potatoes and £1.60 on fruit.

The survey, which is based on diaries collected by 16.965 people from 7,048 households for a typical fortnight, also found that UK households spend £22.67 per person a week on food and drink.