Basil Pesto & Goats’ Cheese and Mediterranean Vegetable are the first launches under vegetarian food producer Cauldron Foods’ chilled range of premium grills.
The grills have been developed for the barbecue season, with a recipe that makes them more robust so that they keep their shape when put on the barbecue, according to Ken Reed, sales director at Cauldron.
They come in 175g packs of two (rsp: £1.69) and are targeted at vegetarians and meat eaters seeking a Mediterranean twist.
Sunny D is supporting the launch of its Caribbean variant with a sampling campaign and sponsorship of Caribbean carnivals across the UK. The drink, owned by Sunny Delight Beverages Company, operates in partnership with Gerber Foods Soft Drinks in the UK.

Weight Watchers is launching six chilled ready meals, made under licence by Greencore Prepared Foods. Dishes include braised beef with mustard mash and Moroccan chicken with couscous.

Olives Et Al has launched four kiln-roasted nuts-and-seeds mixes - Siena, Jeera, Malabar and Bayou - with flavours such as vanilla, paprika, garlic, chilli and coriander.
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