Velvet toilet tissue’s ‘Love your bum’ poster campaign was grocery’s most complained about print campaign in 2003, although objections to food and soft drink ads fell by half.
The Advertising Standards Authority’s annual report reveals that 375 complaints were logged against the Velvet campaign, second only to the number for an ad by children’s charity Barnardo’s. Complainants claimed the ads, which showed naked bottoms, were offensive and demeaning.
Nestlé’s ‘Not for Girls’ push for Yorkie attracted 129 complaints of sexism to make it the fourth
most vilified campaign, while Shepherd Neame’s Bottle of Britain push behind Spitfire beer, which included catchlines such as ‘No nazi aftertase’, provoked 66 complaints, to come in at number seven in the ASA’s annual list.
However, none of the complaints against grocery ads was upheld. The ASA received a total of 14,277 complaints about 10,754 ads last year - a rise of 2.3% on 2002 and a record.