Mary Carmichael
Naked bottoms of all ages are the focus of a new £15m marketing campaign for Velvet toilet tissue, which encourages consumers to Love your bum'.
It is the first time adult posteriors have featured in advertising for any household paper brand, and it marks a move away from the category's more regular subjects ­ Andrex's cute puppies and Charmin's cartoon bears. Brand owner SCA is keen to discount any accusations that the new theme is salacious, however. A spokesman said the campaign aimed for gentleness and humour. "Our research showed that it appeals particularly to younger consumers," he added.
Television commercials will air early next month and are set to run until June.
The featured behinds, which come in various shapes, sizes, colours and genders, will also appear on 48-sheet billboards, as well as advertising in women's magazines. This will include a special St Valentine's Day execution.
The idea behind the move is to encourage consumers to associate the feel of the product with its usage. SCA sees the theme as a platform on which to build further activity and tailored promotions.
"Toilet tissue is often purchased like a utility item and purchase is driven by apathy and promotions," said the spokesman.
"But it comes into contact with the body, so we want to encourage consumers to think of it it as a personal care product."