Vimto Soft Drinks is looking to make a splash with a £4m TV, cinema and press ad campaign continuing the brand's Shlurple the Purple theme.
At the same time, the company is going green, with a 'Who put apples in my Vimto' cordial variant, as well as launching a Taste me Free voucher promotion across its dilutables and still drink ranges.
The ad, which splashes down on May 8, features the adventures of schoolboy Billy, who finds himself at the swimming pool in the embarrassing situation of having packed his dad's underpants instead of his trunks. However, after a 'shlurple' of Vimto he makes light of the problem by jumping off the diving board using the enormous pair of pants as an impromptu parachute.
The humorous tone aims to build on Vimto's unique flavour, said brand manager Claire Nield, who added that it stayed true to the brand's quirky values known to its family audience.