Vimto is on the acquisition trail to help meet a target of £60m sales by 2012.

The Nichols-owned soft drinks business recorded sales up 24% to £43.8m last year [Nielsen 52w/e 28 December 2009] and is looking to snap up two soft drinks businesses this year.

"We are on target to hit the £60m but need to be at £50m by the end of this year," said Jonathan Bye, MD of Vimto Soft Drinks. "We would like to get our hands on other brands. Vimto will remain our primary focus but we are looking at other brands with a differentiated proposition. One or two suit the bill."

Vimto had been approached by four businesses in recent months to handle their sales and marketing, he added.

"We want something that is genuinely innovative. It could mean licensing another brand. It doesn't necessarily mean a massive financial outlay for us," he said.