Energy shot launches have abounded in the past year, but now an American drinks company is taking the category in a whole new direction - relaxation.

US brand Viva Beverages is launching Quick to Sleep and Quick Relax which it claims is the UK's first liquid relaxation shot targeting £10m UK sales for 2010.

Both 59ml shots contain chamomile, rosehip, lemon balm, passion flower and hops, while Quick to Sleep (rsp: £2.49) has added valerian root. Quick Relax (rsp: £1.99) will be marketed as a way to "take the edge off" after a day's work.

The company already had a good distribution network for its Quick Energy shots and was in discussion with multiples and convenience chains to list the new products, said director of marketing at Viva Beverages Scott Lutz.

"The launch of these two ground-breaking products heralds a major new profit opportunity for retailers," he said.