>>still plenty of scope for growth in fairtrade coffee… convenience retailers are starting to realise the significance of fair trade…

Pat Collier
Category buyer, hot beverages, The Co-operative Group

There is still a great deal of scope for growth within Fairtrade coffee, as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of world poverty issues.

Following the conversion of all our own-label coffee to Fair Trade, we are not only successfully transferring existing consumers, we are also bringing new customers into the sector. Sales continue to grow rapidly and we consider that Fairtrade growth will continue long-term. Products must be relevant to consumers, but we have a long-term commitment to Fairtrade.

The next step for the category is consolidation of the current range and continued commitment to promoting fair trade within beverages. Earlier this year, we launched a Co-op Fair Trade Organic 80s Tea Bag pack and new products are under review.

Alan Clark
Trading manager responsible for Fairtrade, Musgrave Budgens-Londis

The market for Fairtrade is still growing strongly and is likely to continue - what percentage of the market it will achieve is difficult to estimate, but it will remain an important sector.

Convenience customers do want Fairtrade. While the most important objective for convenience is to make a representative offering, it is still important to offer customers choice, even if it is more limited.

Up until now, Fairtrade has not been as important an area for convenience as it has been for the major multiples. However, retailers are now starting to realise the significance of Fairtrade and it is an area that is growing rapidly.

MBL will continue to offer, promote and list Fairtrade products to its customers in the areas required.