>>Strong growth from speciality and Premium imported lager… Cider has also been selling well at the premium end…

Beer Buyer, Asda
This year we’ve seen strong growth from the speciality and premium imported lager segments and we think this will continue as consumers become even more adventurous in their buying.
We are seeing a mix of people trying new products, while others remain loyal to their favourites. Our promotions have allowed people to mix and match, such as our three-for-£9 offer on Stella, Budweiser and brands such as Sol, Corona, Tiger and Cobra.
This summer we will be working to provide availability and to give our customers new and exciting offers as well as chilled beers.
We are not seeing any particular growth in any pack format; for us it is all about convenience. If a customer wants a bigger pack, they will be able to choose from a wide selection of brands. If they want something different, we have four-packs of imported beers. For the more adventurous there is our speciality beer selection.
buyer for ales, stouts and cider, Sainsbury
We have seen strong growth of the speciality beer category, with beers such as Leffe and Hoegaarden performing well.
The two-for-£5 offer on 75cl bottles has been a promotion that has worked particularly well and consumers have taken to it.
Another strong area has been premium ale in cans and bottles. But, additionally, cider has been selling very well at the premium end.
At Sainsbury, we intend to add more imported beers to our shelves and we are also looking to bring in more premium cider products as consumers seem to be becoming more adventurous.
There is a strong correlation between weather and beer sales, so we keep a close eye on weather forecasts to be able to react accordingly and therefore maximise availability.
Ged Futter
Fiona Bayley