>>asda sees need for more smaller packs…JS says off-trade has great opportunity…booker points independents towards growth...

beer buyer, Asda
I expect some rationalisation when the main brands will come to the fore. The marketplace is still exciting, though, and there’s always room for new brands which can shake up the more established players.
Retailers need to gear their offering and provide for customers who increasingly want more local products. Customers are shopping on a smaller scale and we need to make smaller packs available and also provide a good choice of some of the exciting products coming through.
However, British people are always going to continue buying in bulk and we need to cater for this.
BWS manager, Sainsbury
The divide between beer in the off and on-trades will move to 50/50 over the next 10 years and there is a real opportunity for the off-trade to pick up on some of that business.
There are two elements to how retailers can gear their offering to suit customers - planned purchase and impulse.
As convenience buying increases, elements like refrigeration and links with ready meals become more important. The 24-pack size will remain an area where we can offer customers good value, but at the same time there will also be more demand for convenience sized packs.
senior buyer for beer and cider, Booker
The recent discount pricing of bottled beer in the multiples is leading to the piling on of further price pressure for independent retailers.
Consequently, in order to keep sales up, independent retailers need to focus on the correct range, including emerging categories, such as speciality beers.
They must also ensure that they offer chilled beers and ciders as research has shown 16% of consumers will shop elsewhere if their preferred brand is not chilled. Generally, there is potential for growth as the consumption of alcohol in the home is increasing.
Ged Futter
Steve Boles
Steve Roper