The first stocks sourced from a British barramundi fish farm arrive on Waitrose shelves on Monday (April 10).

Aquabella Group, the company behind the New Forest Barramundi brand, says consumers will take to its delicate taste and few bones.

The company has built one of Europe's largest indoor fish farms and initially will produce more than 400 tonnes of barramundi every year.

Jeremy Langley, specialist buyer, fish at Waitrose, said: "Our customers are well travelled so many have already enjoyed barramundi. However, the main problem for us has been getting sufficient quantity of the right quality supply.

"The world's wild fish stocks are under threat but at the same time customer demand is rapidly rising, so we need to supplement our wild caught fish supply with products from sustainable aquaculture."

New Forest Barramundi will be available from Waitrose stores' fish counters at an rsp of £14.99/kg.