Waitrose boasted the strongest availability for the second week in a row, with only own-label plain naan out of stock. Efficient, knowledgeable staff also impressed our shopper, but he was disappointed that there were no samples of the Essential range being promoted at the entrance.

At Tesco in Sutton, uninterested staff who didn't know where the lettuce was let down an "enjoyable visit" to a tidy store. Own-label Scotch pancakes were out of stock and own-label cashews and own-label curly lettuce were not stocked.

Morrisons in Portsmouth had lots of £1 deals and multibuys, but was out of pancakes and Alpro Soya raspberry and vanilla yogurt. Own-label cashews and own-label chicken drumsticks were not stocked.

At Asda in Bishopbriggs, our shopper was impressed by helpful shop assistants and a clean and tidy store. Nimble wholemeal bread, own-label plain naan and own-label vegetable spring rolls were out of stock. Own-label citrus bleach and own-label Ardennes pâté were not stocked.

Poor availability at Sainsbury's in Ipswich left the branch trailing the pack; Alpro Soya raspberry and vanilla yoghurt, own-label coriander, own-label houmous and own-label plain naan were all out of stock. However, staff had a pleasant manner and the store was spacious and clean.

Winner:  Andy Woodcock, branch manager, Waitrose, Lichfield
Which of the store's promotions is having the biggest impact? Waitrose has gained an extra 70,000 new customers across the UK since the launch of the Essential range and our individual branch has seen a 10% uplift in shopper volume.

The Delia and Heston campaign continues to be a great promotional mechanic, of course, boosting sales across the whole of the Waitrose range by staggering percentages Essential ingredients included. We're also really benefiting from word-of-mouth promotion. Our customers are real foodies who talk about what they're buying and why. It's terrific PR and exciting for the team.

Have any other initiatives surpassed expectations? The popularity of our 'Dine in for £10' deal never ceases to amaze us. The response to our Valentines offer was phenomenal and we expect to see a significant spike in sales with every new concept.

The fact it's not a constant promotion plays in our favour; when a new meal is launched, people are really interested in the recommendations and we quickly see an uplift.

Do you think Waitrose Kitchen and Waitrose Weekend encourage shoppers to be more adventurous?  Yes. Staff are getting lots of questions about the recipes featured in both the magazine and the paper. It's a catalyst for new ideas and is also helping the team to build a rapport with customers on an ongoing basis.

The campaign repeatedly re-energises the store and the staff. It's impossible to lose interest when ideas are fresh and enthusiasm infectious.

What plans will be implemented in the next few months? We're getting ready to stock an extra 2,000 Boots beauty lines in June, which means more opportunities for staff to specialise, as well as the obvious added sales scope.

We opened a Boots chemist in-store 18 months ago, which is really popular, so hopes are high. Lacklustre is not a quality associated with this place or its people!

Are there any other areas you'd like to change? While fruit and veg is a strong category, I think we could benefit from reassessing the assortment. I have flagged this up as something we could develop.