This apron took a lot of bottle to make. Eleven, to be precise. Produced from 500ml recycled plastic bottles, the eco-friendly festive pinnie is being worn by Waitrose staff in stores up and down the country until 24 December. To make the aprons, plastic bottles were collected, crushed into flakes and washed. These were heated to produce long and short fibres for yarn production. The yarn was then woven in the same way as any other fabric to make the aprons. "We have been making furniture from our recycled Bags for Life for the past 10 years, but producing clothes from bottles is another significant innovation," said Nick Monger-Godfrey, head of corporate social responsibility. "It's a unique twist on a message in a bottle. The new aprons will create a real talking point between our partners and customers, which will not only raise awareness but have a positive influence on recycling habits." Earlier this year, M&S introduced staff fleeces made from recycled plastic bottles under its Plan A green initiative.