Waitrose has revealed plans to open gardening shops outside 41 stores as it rolls out a range of 6,000 garden products.

Customers will be able to buy plants and gardening accessories from the outdoor sheds – to be called Waitrose Flower Gardens – using a card-reader till. Gardening products will also be stocked inside all core shops.

The range available in stores will comprise 850 flowers, plants, bulbs and seeds as well as 80 gardening accessories.

A larger range of over 5,000 horticulture products will be sold on a new website – Waitrosegarden.com – created in partnership with the online garden supplier Crocus.

Alan Titchmarsh will offer his expert gardening tips and advice on the site.

“This will make us a serious player in what is already a hugely successful category for us,” said Waitrose marketing director Rupert Thomas.