What was hailed by the national papers as a bid to sell "ugly" fruit is in fact a drive by Waitrose to give Class II fruit appeal as a cooking ingredient.
ts Cooks Ingredients range is aimed at culinary use. Initially 11 home-grown fruits coming into season until mid October will be available in 57 stores, with the range including fruit not normally sold.

They will be lower priced than Class I fruit, with examples on shelf being strawberries at £3.49/kg compared with £3.98, tomatoes at £1.98/kg (£2.48) and plums at £2.99/kg (£3.98).

The range will include pears, raspberries, Mirabelle plums, damsons, Morello cherries, gooseberries, cranberries and quince.

Rhubarb and Bramley apples will be available year-round and in the winter Seville oranges will also be included. Pack sizes will be large, up to 1kg for some fruit. All products come from growers who already supply Waitrose.