Walkers continues to dominate the crisps and snacks category, accounting for an impressive 46% of promotions in last weekend's Assosia survey of promotional activity.

The PepsiCo brand has now taken the number one spot every week since January 2006, thanks to almost continuous activity. Indeed, it

accounted for a whopping 50% of total crisps/snacks activity last year and though activity has fallen off somewhat this year, it's still responsible for 40% of all promotions in the category.

Walkers was on promotion in all five retailers last weekend. The brand tends to use save, buy-one-get-one-free and x-for-y mechanics in nearly equal measure but this time its primary promotions centred on Walkers multipacks of 26 with 'save'.

Pringles and KP continued to battle for second place, with each accounting for 22% of activity.

Last year, Pringles managed to move just ahead and grab second place overall, with 19% of total space. KP was just behind with 17%. So far this year Pringles has maintained its position despite a slight fall off in activity, with 18% versus KP's 17% share.

The Pringles range, including Minis and Gourmet, continues to

favour the bogof mechanic, except for Asda promotions where 'save' was used. The brand had promotions last weekend in Asda, Somerfield and Tesco.

KP recorded activity in four of the five retailers but with less space allocated overall. Hula Hoops, Discos and Skips were on promotion alongside KP Big Nuts.

With 8% of the promotional share, McVitie's beat Golden Wonder to fourth place. McVitie's Mini Cheddars and Go Ahead crisps were available in Somerfield on extra free and x-for-y respectively. Golden Wonder, in fifth place with 3%, was on bogof promotion in Tesco.

The crisps/snacks category now sits in 10th place in the overall category chart, the same position it

occupied in 2006's full-year results.