Warburtons bread will soon be available to almost all the UK population, thanks to the company's decision to double production at its Enfield bread-making plant by January next year.

The move takes the 130-year-old company - already the UK's biggest brand in wrapped bread by value, with 26.6% of the market [ACNielsen] - a step nearer to its nationwide roll-out ambitions.

The Enfield factory will turn out 8,000 loaves an hour, enabling the com­pany to distribute its products to more outlets in London and the southeast. The company has also expanded its Newport bakery, which will hit full production this month, adding other distribution routes in southwest England.

Category controller Sarah Miskell estimated that the products were already available to 80% of households across the country, but the Enfield and Newport expansion would boost that to more than 95%.

"Our strategy has always been to build the bakery, work out distribution routes and fill in the stores along those routes," she said. "That way, we can go directly to stores ourselves."

The company is also set to relaunch its All in One white-and-wholemeal products with a new ad campaign focusing on the products' GI rating, positioning it as a food that helps kids stay fuller for longer. It has also recently added a 400g half-loaf with pumpkin and sunflower seeds to its range, tapping into trends for healthier 'superfoods-style' recipes and smaller households.

Warburtons has always stressed that a full nationwide roll-out would take time. "We've always said that we need three bakeries in the south and, with Enfield and Newport we have two, so we're looking to add another," said Miskell. "This might mean building from scratch and that takes time."

Warburtons has already invested £30m in adding a crumpet-making facility at Enfield and doubling bread production will set it back a further £16m, but the balance of products made at the plant won't be ­decided until later in the year.