Herefordshire-based cider producer Westons is aiming to become the UK's biggest organic cider producer with the launch of what it claims is the UK's first organic pear cider.

The family-owned company had also repackaged its existing range of organic apple ciders to give them a more modern, premium and organic feel, said market development manager Melvyn Dickinson.

"We have had an organic brand for some 12 years but we needed to modernise and make more of the organic credentials on the label," he said. "We've also made the packaging more environmentally friendly with lighter bottles and recycled paper labels."

The new 6% abv pear cider was slightly sparkling with none of the fake confectionery taste of some existing pear ciders, the makers claimed. It will retail for around £1.70 a bottle

"This is an easy-to-drink and refreshing pear cider that tastes great over ice and is 100% organic to boot," said Dickinson.