Bestway promo

The campaign offers 14 £10 deals across 36 SKUs

Bestway is launching a new promotion next month for retailers to boost profits on its own-label Best-in range.

The ‘Every Deal a Tenner’ promotion will offer 14 £10 deals across 36 Best-in SKUs. Individual deal margins range from 33% to 57% POR, but if retailers buy all 14 deals, they will make a profit of 40.7%.

Best-in products in the deal include malted milk biscuits, sweet popcorn, chopped tomatoes, kitchen roll and spaghetti.

Bestway’s own label category manager Nick Brown, said Every Deal a Tenner would replace its Ditch the Euro push launched last September - which targeted rival Booker’s Euro Shopper range by allowing retailers to swap a single Euro Shopper product for a whole case of the equivalent Best-in Essentials product.

“September is always a promotional time for Best-in,” he said. “Research has told us that customers want greater margins on Best-in promotions as they are seeing margins squeezed elsewhere.

“If you take Best-in popcorn for example, the deal delivers £13.62 cash margin on an outlay of just £12 (£10 deal plus £2 VAT),” Brown added.