Bestway has unveiled a brand new promotional package, which it claims will “rewrite the rules of wholesaler promotions”.

The ‘Core Range’ package will include 10 category features and five seasonal event features, together with a ‘Core Points Scheme’ that gives retailers points for buying key brands.

The cash & carry giant said the package was different from other wholesale promotions because it would give retailers the tools to improve their businesses, the range to stock the right products and rewards by way of cash back.

The core category features will focus on key product categories and provide retailers with advice, merchandising plans, NPD news and deals. It kicked off yesterday with personal care and spirits.

The seasonal events features will run in April, June, July, September and December, focusing on the products retailers should be stocking at certain times of the year.

Both will be backed by the Core Points Scheme, which offers retailers points for every £1 they spend on core range products. One point will be worth 1p and cash back will be given as vouchers to spend in depot. Double, triple and quadruple points will also be available on some key lines.

The package will be supported by a brochure, special ‘Core Zones’ in depots and new sections on both the Bestway and Batleys websites.

“We want to give retailers the knowledge to help them understand, plan their store and improve their business category by category the range so that they can stock the best products, with great offers to boost profits and to reward them with cash back,” said Bestway MD Younus Sheikh.

“It’s what retailers have been crying out for. We’re helping them to embrace category diversity and educating them about the right range to stock.”