Blakemore Fine Foods has launched a new mobile app allowing customers to order on the go.

Offering a range of more than 900 chilled and ambient product lines from across 170 suppliers, the app is free on both iOS and Android.

Users can search products, as well as viewing their order history and favourite items. The app also includes a barcode scanner and a profit on return calculator to help retailers work out how much to charge per product to achieve the profit margin they require.

Customers can now download the app from the iTunes store and Google Play store. “We have developed this new app to help make our customers’ lives easier and improve their ordering experience. Investing in new technology is essential for efficient business,” said Blakemore Fine Foods commercial manager Patrice Garrigues.

Blakemore Fine Foods customer and The Burstead Farm Shop manager Sarah Gill added “The app is really quick and easy to use, and it has saved me a lot of time when ordering.

“The barcode scanner is an excellent feature as it saves flicking through the brochure to find codes.”

Blakemore Fine Foods developed the app in partnership with mobile app consultancy RNF Digital Innovation Limited.

Blakemore Fine Foods represents 170 producers, stocking a range of chilled and ambient product lines including meat dairy, baked goods, dairy, beverages and fruit and vegetables.