Booker POR trolley

Booker is launching a campaign promising retailers ‘Even Bigger POR’ on more than 200 products.

The campaign, which kicks off on Monday (19 May) and will run until 3 November, will see the UK’s biggest wholesaler reduce the wholesale selling price of brands covering categories such as pet food, confectionery, grocery and soft drinks.

Products included in the campaign are Ribena/Ribena Light 27x288ml, which will see POR increase from 38% to 47%; Napolina Tomatoes 12x400g [POR 28% to 44%] and Sugar Puffs 6x320g [POR 18% to 38%].

Booker said there were “no gimmicks or collecting – just lower prices on every day lines”.

“We are proud to be able to help our retailers make more profit,” added group sales director – retail Steve Fox. “I believe this is fantastic news for independent retailers as it is straight forward price reductions to give customers more profits.”

The campaign, which is being run across both Booker and Makro, is being highlighted in depot through new shelf edge labelling.

ProductPack SizeFromToProductPack SizeFromTo
Sugar Puffs PM £2.39 6x320g 18% 38% Whiskas Can PM 75p 12x400g 13% 24%
Napolina Tomatoes 12x400g 28% 44% Kelloggs Cornflakes PM £2.19 5x500g 10% 20%
M&M’s Peanut/Crispy/ Choc 24x36/45g 20% 33% Princes Tuna Chunks in Brine 12x160g 22% 32%
Fox’s Party Rings 12x125g 28% 37% Ribena/ Ribena Light 27x288ml 38% 47%
Ambrosia Custard/Rice Pudding PM £1.05 12x400g 25% 36% Mars Standard/FA Flash 48x51g 26% 33%