Premier Foods has revamped and “refreshed” its Sun-Pat brand by introducing a new-look jar, reduced packaging and a new nuttier flavour.

The labelling now features a photograph of peanut fields and unshelled peanuts to more clearly communicate the wholesomeness of the spread.

The glass jar has been switched to PET, reducing the weight by 90%, and a new wholenut variant has been introduced with a more deep-roasted flavour as a result of the use of whole peanuts.

“Sun-Pat is firmly established as a nutritious spread for all the family, and the new pack design refreshes the brand and gives great standout on shelf while emphasising the natural properties of Sun-Pat peanut butter,” said Debbie Thomassen, marketing controller for Spreads at Premier.

Sun-Pat has a 40% share of the £40m peanut butter category [Nielsen].