A growing diversity of health-conscious lines

n Tropicana Essentials with Benecol is described as the first-ever juice to help with cholesterol reduction. Available from this month, the product contains the cholesterol-lowering plant extract stanol ester - a groundbreaking move as it is known to be tricky to stabilise within non-dairy drinks.

n Strawberry is the latest addition to the Go ahead! Yogurt Breaks range from UBUK. With less than 2g of fat per biscuit, it comprises a yoghurt topping on a light biscuit with a strawberry filling. Also new is the Go ahead! Fruit Tops Cereal Bar containing 0.8g fat per bar.

n Aimed at consumers with a lactose intolerance, Lactofree is a new lactose free dairy drink, which tastes like milk but contains less than 0.05% of lactose. The drink is packaged in a striking and contemporary carton.

n Ryvita goodness bars are chewy wholegrain rye bars with fruit and pumpkin seeds. Available in mixed berry, apple & sultana and cranberry & raisins, there is no added sugar, just over 20% fruit, and the ingredients are held together with vegetable fibres.

n Kettle Crispy Bakes, described as a better for you snack, contain fewer than 100 calories, less than 10% fat and 0.5g of salt per 24g serving. They have a lentil base and come in three variants - tomato with basil & green peppercorns; korma; and mild cheese & sweet onion.

n Multigrain Porridge from Jordans is a combination of four wholegrains - oats, wheat, barley and rice, with no added salt and sugar. This means it is a good source of calcium, iron and vitamin B, as well as being high in soluble fibre, it is available in 10 x 750g packs.

n The new 9 Bar from Wholebake contains only natural ingredients including sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp and poppy seeds. Available in four different varieties - original, nutty, fruity and with flax, it is supplied as a three-pack or in single bars.
Low in fat, but “very fruity”, “just like strawberries and cream”, this proved to be a real winner from Lidl. Excellent value for money for a top quality product that achieved a top rating.

As with other low in fat and salt recipes, the main complaint was with the flavour profile. But younger testers enjoyed this thick, substantial soup, “full of good chunky vegetables”.
The pack emphasised health, but failed to convey the far more motivating taste qualities of this well-balanced recipe. Strong appeal for pre-family ABC1 consumers.
Put to the test: three recent launches (maximum score 50)Noblissima Wellness Ice - Strawberry Score: 50 Category average: 43
Baxter’s Healthy Helpings - Chicken & Veg Casserole Soup Score: 36 Category average: 33
M&S Healthily Balanced Red Thai Chicken Score: 33 Category average: 30