The drinks price war in the run-up to Christmas is heating up, with both Sainsbury and Tesco undercutting Asda on beer.
Sainsbury is offering two cases of beer for £18, covering Guinness, Stella Artois, San Miguel, Carlsberg and Foster’s, until November 8. The deal is £2 cheaper than Asda’s deal, announced last week, in which two cases of various brands are on offer for £20 for 12 weeks.
Ben Wheeley, Sainsbury’s beer buyer, said: “Our current ‘two for £18’ deal is highly competitive and spans a wide range of products, offering the best choice in the market. It provides a great opportunity for customers wanting to stock up in time for the Christmas period.”
Tesco, meanwhile, is offering a deal on just one pack of beer, with 20 cans of 440ml Stella Artois going for £9.99 until November 8. This works out at £1.14 pence per litre, against Sainsbury’s Stella deal at £1.36 per litre. Asda’s deal equates to £1.51 per litre.
The undercutting is likely to cause concern in the brewing industry. Brewers were outraged earlier this year when Somerfield announced its beer price promotion - believed to be the lowest ever in retail - when two packs of Carling, Stella Artois or Carlsberg Export were offered for £14. That put Stella Artois on offer for £1.06 per litre.
Elsewhere, ale producers are keeping a close eye on prices. Bill Simmons, off-trade sales director for Fuller’s, said: “It would concern us if this kind of price cutting moved over to premium bottled ale, but so far we seem to have been immune.”