Although it often feels as though the alcohol market is dominated by beer and lager, wine leads the way in promotional activity.

Wine's popularity and growth over the past few years has seen it strengthen its lead in the category year-on-year. Its current share is 46%, up from 41% in 2007, while beer and lager, though holding onto second place, has dropped from 31% in 2007 to 27% in 2008.

Last weekend the disparity was even more marked, with wine accounting for 57% of activity.

Jacob's Creek headed the wine chart with 30%, E&J Gallo took second with 22%, Hardys and Kumala shared joint third with 19% and Nottage Hill took fifth with 11%.

Spirits pushed ahead of beer and lager by one point, taking second place with 18%. Smirnoff had tough competition from Bacardi, and each brand took a 27% share of the spirits top five chart, with Croft Original and The Famous Grouse sharing third with 18% each and The Glenlivet taking fifth with 9%.

Beer and lager fell from its usual second place position to third with 17% of the top five offers. Budweiser, Stella Artois and Carling took 22% each with strong promotional offers across all retailers. Becks and Carlsberg shared third and 17% each.

Cider placed fourth with 6% of activity. Magners and Strongbow shared first place and 27% each, with Blackburn and Bulmers joint third with 18% and Gaymers taking fifth with 9%.

In sparkling wine only Jacob's Creek had promotional activity, with offers on chardonnay and rosé.

In the overall alcohol category year-on-year, spirits have retained third place behind wine and beers, but have fallen from 21% in 2007 to 19% in 2008.

Cider shows a slight increase in its fourth-place position, increasing by one point to take 6% in 2008. Sparkling wines activity has remained consistent, with a 1% share of the top five alcohol chart year-on-year.