Snack specialist Golden Wonder is planning to introduce two new Fruit Wonders adult sweet snacks this summer, despite its surprise takeover this week by Longulf. Most of the company's branded snacks and all of its own label business has gone to Longulf in a deal thought to be worth £310m. Longulf also owns The Snack Factory, which tried unsuccessfully to buy Golden Wonder in 1995 but acquired Bensons crisps among other brands from Snackhouse which went into receivership in October 2001. Fruit Wonders, fruit-flavoured Bursts in a cereal shell and yogurt-coated raisin Mellows will launch in August. Meanwhile, Wotsits ­ the sixth biggest in the bagged snacks category ­ has gone to PepsiCo-owned Walkers for an undisclosed sum. Walkers has also acquired Golden Wonder Snack Services, which will boost its van sales fleet by 150. Walkers is tightlipped about future plans for the Wotsits brand but an industry expert predicted that one of the rival football-themed brands Walkers Footballs and Wotsits variant Goalden Balls will go. {{NEWS }}