McDonald's is testing a vending machine that could see it compete with c-stores in Washington DC. The Tik Tok Easy Shop, which accepts cash and debit and credit cards, is stocked with convenience products such as soft drinks, milk, eggs, crisps, toilet paper and sandwiches. 

The move has been seen as a response to rivals Burger King and Jack in the Box, both building a presence in c-stores in the US. 

1,300 plan 

French retailer Casino is predicted to more than triple its number of Leader Price stores to 1,300 by 2010, according to a new IGD report. 

Acquired in 1997, the discount chain is Casino's fastest growing format and also the most profitable with a 7% operating profit margin in 2001 compared to an overall operating profit margin for the group of 3.9%. 


US supermarket Safeway is testing trolleys equipped with screens that track customers' progress through stores and target them with specific advertising based on loyalty card data. Customers swipe their loyalty cards through the scanner when they pick up the trolleys and the screens flash up personalised ads and promotions. 

Bio ditched 

Belgian chain Delhaize has abandoned plans to roll out its standalone organics store format Bio Square. Trading development director Xavier Ury said the chain had decided the best way of driving organics sales was by a mixed store format offering a range of other products as well. 

Coke ads 

Coca-Cola is putting together a new advertising campaign in the US for its flagship brand which could also be adapted for international markets. The company has approved at least three television commercials with the Real tagline.