There appears to be no slowdown in launches of products with an on-the-go positioning and packaging, driven by what seems to be the ever-increasing pace of life of many consumers.

A bowl of cereal is already a convenient breakfast option and a cereal bar may be one step closer towards on-the-go convenience. But, drinking allows for faster, one-handed consumption that can provide liquids and solids at the same time.

In Mexico, Kellogg has taken the concept of a single-serve beverage mix and applied it to cereal for the All-Bran sugar and cereal beverage mix it has launched. Just like other beverage sachets on the market, the consumer takes a single-serve pack and stirs it into a liquid.

In this case the pack, which contains pulverised cereal and sugar, should be stirred into a glass of milk. It is flagged up as a high-fibre product, in line with All-Bran, and contains vitamin fortification, in common with many cereals. It comes in two flavours, yoghurt and banana and a nut version.

It will be interesting to see where Kellogg goes next with this concept. Single-serve stick packs of drink mix have really caught on in the US since Kraft Foods pioneered the concept with Crystal Light On The Go in May 2004.

This was designed to be mixed with 568ml of water, to make peach, iced tea or lemonade, and was aimed at travellers bored with plain water. Other companies have helped to develop the idea further, including Unilever with its Lipton iced-tea mix.

Although cereal beverages are not new, this is one of the first we have seen in a highly portable, single-serve mix. The format makes it suitable for lunchboxes, to keep at work and while travelling. It also has a significant price advantage. A pack of 16 x 25g sachets sells for $4.60, or less than 30 cents a glass.

We will be watching to see if this beverage concept appeals to consumers in Mexico and beyond.