Wrigley is hoping to tap into the magic of Gandalf, Frodo and company with a high-profile cinema campaign behind its new Extra Mints brand.
Ads for the new line, which
aims to give Wrigley a tilt at extending its business beyond gum, hit the small screen this week.
But Wrigley is hoping it will also get the brand in front of the millions of film-goers who are expected to make a beeline for cinemas when the final Lord of the Rings blockbuster The Return of the King makes it on to the big screen next month. The film is on general release on December 17 with ads for Extra Mints shown before screenings.
Outdoor advertising and an extensive sampling program are also a key feature of Wrigley’s push. Jo Hartop, head of communications at Wrigley, said: “The diversity of the support package for Extra Mints will continue to raise awareness among consumers.”
Wrigley is staking a lot on the success of Extra Mints and has openly admitted it is just the first stage of a plan to take its business well beyond gum.
In a recent interview with The Grocer (November 1, page 32), UK MD Gharry Eccles laid down the gauntlet to confectionery rivals by saying: “We want to be Wrigley Confectionery Company.”