Müller Vitality is snapping at the heels of Actimel with the development of the first range of functional yoghurt drinks and yoghurts with added Omega-3 essential fatty acids.
Fish oils are being added to all products in the portfolio, which are already prebiotic and probiotic, with a £10m marketing campaign supporting the range over the next year.
Müller marketing director Chris McDonough said growth in the drinking yoghurts market was slowing and it was products with added health benefits such as cholesterol or
blood-pressure control, for example Benecol and Flora Pro-activ, that had the edge.
He believes Müller Vitality, number two after Actimel in drinking yoghurts, can contend for the top spot by tapping into the Omega-3 craze. “We believe we can challenge Actimel. What we are doing will stir things up because the market is maturing.” The addition of Omega-3 comes after consumer research showed it was the ingredient people most wanted to see in functional food, particularly for its reputed aid in boosting concentration. “The biggest challenge was to deliver Omega-3 without changing the taste, and we have achieved that”, McDonough said.
“I believe Omega-3 will be the next big trend. We as a nation are deficient in it. As the first brand to market, we have an advantage as it’s not going to be easy to copy - it took us 18 months.”
He estimates the brand could add incremental volume of around 50% to the category.
Marketing support includes TV ads starting in January, as well as sponsorship, press and sampling to more than one million consumers.
The rsps of the products will remain the same, at £1.68 for 6x100g and 750g yoghurt drinks and £1.98 for 6x150g yoghurts.
A nerdy assistant trails The King around the world on his rock ‘n’ roll tour to make sure he gets a supply of Kingsmill bread in a commercial breaking on Monday (November 7). The ad continues the King’s Mill theme and is part of a £12m marketing campaign until September 2006. It hits the screen the same week as the reformulated Kingsmill Gold goes on sale, supported by a print and sampling campaign.
Claire Hu