Fish brand Young's is poised to play the ethical card by introducing an "environmentally-certified" fish to the UK. New Zealand hoki ­ which has similarities to cod ­ will reach British plates by the autumn. This type of fish ­ also known as Blue Grenadier ­ is the first white fish species to receive certification by the Marine Stewardship Council, a body that works to promote sustainable fishing practice. Taken in the context of scares that North Sea cod is under threat, hoki is being positioned as an alternative to cod that comes from a sustainable source. Frozen breaded hoki fillets will be the first product in a new Young's range called Fish for Life'. The product range will concentrate on fish from named fisheries and will carry the strapline Good for Me and Good for the Sea'. It will also carry the MSC labelling and will be marked as an ethical' choice. Young's plans to add to the range later this year. Mike Parker, deputy chief executive of Young's Bluecrest, said: "In addition to its superb environmental credentials, hoki has many of the characteristics which make species like cod popular and lends itself to many traditional British presentations. "With heightened awareness of the difficulties of the world's fisheries, plus growing interest in ethically sound food products, we believe consumers will welcome the chance to try new types of fish which carry sustainable labelling." Rsp: £3.49. {{MARKETING - P&P }}