Force cereal axed after 112 years of production

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Force - one of the first wheat-based breakfast cereal brands produced - has been axed.

First manufactured in 1901 in the US, Force became a firmer favourite with Brits and was eventually sold only in this country. It was stocked at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose until last month, when Cereal Partners decided to stop making the brand.

The business, which is a joint venture between Nestlé and General Mills, said demand for the product was too low and that it no longer made economic sense to make it. The brand has received little marketing support in recent years having fallen out of fashion since its heyday in the 1930s, when it was supported by advertising featuring a morose character called Jimmy Dumps who would turn into Sunny Jim.

The only successful wheat-based cereal to predate Force was Shredded Wheat, which was introduced in 1893.

Readers' comments (103)

  • But why? People just need to be aware of Force and how good it is. All Force needs is some decent marketing and a little advertising and I’m certain it would be a winner again. I work in advertising and know the power it holds. Maybe giving away free samples at railway stations and supermarkets might be an idea too? Lots of people I know who tried Force for the first time loved it. Tasty, healthy, not leaving a bloated feeling, just nicely satisfied, what’s not to like? Another reason could be that Force didn’t stand out from the other, brighter and bigger cereal boxes on the shelf. It was given a slightly muted, vintage look in it’s last form, which really was lost on the shelf.

    I certainly feel that, bit by bit, the good things in life are being eroded and for no good reason. In this age of austerity, when it seems that every day brings yet more bad news, simple things like having a bowl of your favourite breakfast cereal in the morning really do offer comfort in life. If consumers and lovers of Force complained to Nestle about this, asked for a proper review, maybe, just maybe, a small part of Britain’s history can be saved for future generations.

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  • How sad, my 92 year old mother asked me to get her some Force and told me how upset she had been as a child when she left her Force 'Sunny Jim' doll on a tram in Halifax.
    There was a happy ending then as she got her doll back, but not this time. I will have to let her know that Force is no longer available.

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  • What a shame. I loved it when I tried it but it was definately lost on shelf. Could another company buy the brand and relaunch it?

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  • Into the dump went Sunny Jim, Nestle just abandoned him!!!

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  • I agrtee with Steve Hanscomb. In my opinion Force is the nicest cereal I have ever had and it is relatively cheap. I'm not surprised people didn't buy it as it was always on the top shelf and I never saw an advertisement for it, so people knew nothing about it. With proper promotion, and perhaps different packaging it would be a winner.

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  • This is extremely annoying and so typical of large companies like Nestle.

    Force was always selling out in Waitrose and Sainsburys so there must have been a demand for it.

    It is lot more healthy than the sugar drenched rubbish that is sold by the ton by these companies.

    Shame on you Nestle.

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  • I agree with all the above comments. It was our favourite cereal and very healthy as well.

    The point that it was not promoted and was always on the top shelf tucked away, seems that Nestle's wanted it to fail. Perhaps it wasn't making enough profit for them?

    I hope someone starts up a campaign, Steve Hanscomb would be a good candidate!

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  • Nestle couldn't even be bothered to include it in their line up of cereals on their website.
    Just about sums up their lousy marketing skills.
    They haven't even passed it on.

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  • Here, here, echo all the comments......bring back Force!!!!

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  • What a shame another piece of British history is lost! It was always difficult to find tucked away on the top shelf amongst all the modern day sugar coated excuses for healthy food. My daughter in Australia will be very upset as I was buying this ceral over here and sending it out to her as she loved it and couldn't buy it over there. If it had been marketed more and given a more prominent place on supermarket shelves it would still be in production. Bring it back Nestle - shame on you!!

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  • Force cereal axed after 112 years
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