Waitrose stocks chutney-style confits to accompany Lucullus France pâtés

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Gourmet pâté supplier Lucullus France has rolled out to Waitrose two chutney-style confits to accompany its meat pâtés and terrines.

The fig confit and onion & white wine confit (rsp: £1.99/100g) were inspired by the 1990s fashion for serving pâté with onion marmalade in bistros across France. The confits had a subtler flavour than English chutneys and were a “perfect accompaniment” to its pâtés and terrines, said the company.

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  • onion and white wine confit
    very thick flavoursome but a little too sweet perhaps for my palate? It is not 'spreadable[ for toast or crusty bread and pate so a side serving which to me, personally, defeats thepurpose of having the taste 'through' my pate or whatever. I disliked it in this format with pate which I eat regularly with lovely strong local cheeses. I served it in with my home made gravy. only way it for me was edible. It is also extremely expensive for the amount in the serving tub. I am sorry, quality perhaps yes, but purpose??? no a long long way to go for me on this one much as I love the flavours, tastes, but NOT the consistency for the purpose given on the tub meaning you have to as I am be a cook and cook from scratch to recognise it has other possiblilities to show the lovely enhanced flavours through your own hojme cooked meal. As it stands, with pate, no. It is too thick, too sweet, and does not work. It is also too expensive for such a small tub and I have bought it will enjoy it in a limited way due to my cooking skills not the advertised way to serve it. but..... the quality shone out and I would love more information and would welcome less SWEET ingredients. Also less bulked up.glutinous/thickened. No. let it shine for what it is.

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  • would like more information on ingredients in the tub. 1oog wine and onion confit but I needed to know all ingredients in it. not provided sadly. odd to me that it was not put on the pot.

    anyway. nice, but too sweet. too falsely thickened and not subtle enough for me I want strong flavours in a subtle pack. this was like a 2% french wine being called 'subtle' coz it has no alcohol. I felt cheated. no. sorry. not for the use given, nor for the uses I tried it for, although it was nice, not what I would want from such an expensive product. Over £8 per lb no. truvvles can be cheaper. not at all high class. more congealed would be high class to go with their own FRENCH pates. We have better british ones with less fat. additives.

    I felt cheated to be honest with this product.

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  • Waitrose stocks confits to accompany Lucullus France pâté
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