Arla moves Anchor butter production to the UK

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Anchor butter is to be produced in the UK for the first time, as brand owner Arla migrates production from New Zealand.

The Grocer predicted UK production of Anchor might be on the cards back in February 2011.

Initially, only Anchor block butter will be produced in the UK. Production will take place at the Westbury site in which Arla owns a stake alongside First Milk and Milk Link (soon to merge with Arla).

However, Arla plans to eventually migrate production of the full Anchor portfolio, including spreadable products.

Currently, Anchor butter is shipped over from New Zealand, where it is produced by dairy giant Fonterra.

Bringing production to the UK was part of Arla’s long-term growth strategy – facilitated by Arla’s investment in Westbury, according to supply chain director Lars Dalsgaard.

“It is a further example of Arla’s commitment to the UK as we have created a home for more British cream and are adding value to it,” he said.

UK-produced 250g packs of Anchor block butter will go into stores from next week. Arla has been supplying retail own label block butter through Westbury since last August.

Readers' comments (104)

  • I've just bought a block of Anchor Butter in the UK. What is this pretender to Original Butter Company since 1886? I've been eating Anchor Butter all my life. growing up in New Zealand and since I moved to the UK and my purchase at the weekend is not the Anchor Butter I know. I note on the packaging that nowhere does it say that the product is from New Zealand. Has the Anchor brand name been sold? If not what have they done to the cows in New Zealand? If this butter has not been produced in New Zealand then it isn't Anchor. End of!

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  • What disaster -nothing less than a con trick on the public to use the Anchor brand to market such a vastly inferior product. I did not know about the change until I could not understand the awful taste - it was only then that I read the small print & saw why. Is any importer going to try to bring in an alternative NZ butter to the UK?

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  • I've loved Anchor butter all my life and rarely bought any other brand as I loved the taste. I am very disappointed with new the uk- produced version and will not bother buying it again until production goes back to New Zealand.

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  • I have bought Anchor for years, not because of the name but because I loved the taste & the fact that the cows were free to roam. I noticed a few days ago that it was now tasteless, but thought it was because I had a cold. I just ate some again & it was horrible! I will not be buying it again & will be using the rest for baking, so I can hide the (lack of) taste.

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  • Can anyone tell me where, and under what label, the New Zealand butter that we used to buy as Anchor, can now be obtained, retail, in London

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  • Used to buy this because cows were free range, organic and grass fed year round. All this will be now finished, so will need to look for another brand.

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  • I have been dumped by Anchor after telling every one it is the healthiest butter in the world.

    Goodby Anchor!

    G McKenzie.

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  • Emailed Arla regarding the change and received a disengenuous reply stating that the recipe was the same. Didn't seem to realise that the ingredients were different. My email wa allegedly passed on to the Brand but no response in a couple of weeks so they obviously don't care about the customer. I have now consumed the last pack of Anchor and will not be buying it again.

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  • I too bought Anchor because the cows were grass fed but will now stop buying it.

    Also, this is now produced in the UK but the price in recent weeks in supermarkets has been £1.70 or £1.80 - which is a good 30p or 40p more expensive than other brands even though it is no longer shipped from NZ.

    Bye bye Anchor - no longer in my shopping basket.

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  • I'm so disappointed to see Anchor butter is no longer from New Zealand grass fed cows. I wondered why the colour was pale and the taste so bland. I won'd be buying Anchor again, what a shame.

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