Kerry abandons the Porkinson sausage

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The famous Porkinson sausage - created in the 1980s by photographer to the stars Norman Parkinson - has been quietly scrapped by Kerry Foods following a sausage portfolio review.

On sale since 1987, Porkinson was one of the UK’s most enduring premium sausage brands. In its heyday it was served on Concorde flights and in top hotels and restaurants such as The Ritz and The Ivy.

But Kerry has pulled the plug on the brand following a strategic review of its portfolio, which will see the company focus more on the mainstream sausage market. “This allows us to focus on our core sausage brands – Wall’s and Richmond – which remain two of the nation’s favourite sausage brands,” a spokesman said.

Kerry refreshed Porkinsons’ packaging in September 2010, but it has recently focused its NPD efforts on Wall’s and Richmond. Earlier this year, it extended the Richmond brand into pre-packed sliced ham in the UK, and in April it launched Wall’s Perfect for Pasta Sausageballs.

Parkinson, who died in 1990, was a well-known portrait and fashion photographer in the 1950s and 1960s and photographed Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy and Prince Charles.

He turned to pig rearing and sausage production later in life, initially selling his Porkinson bangers through West London butcher shops before gaining listings in high-end foodhalls, including Fortnum & Mason and the mults.

In 2009, Heston Blumenthal reportedly declared Porkinson his favourite sausage. 

Readers' comments (59)

  • Have this company gone raving mad? The Porkinson was one of the best - if not THE very best sausages on the market, so why not just drop it? Do these people ever consult their customers? Or do they not care? Walls and Richmond are rubbish compared with Porkinson and I think the idiot responsible for this decision should be sacked, what a moron.

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  • Vanessa (the poster above) has said everything I was thinking when I read this piece - Porkinsons are/were)-: the best sausages by far.

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  • I completely agree with the Vanessa Smith. Why would they not sell the brand to another sausage maker?
    An excellent sausage, lets hope it comes back.
    Can any one advise me of anything similar to Porkinsons sausage I could buy?

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  • i cant believe the very best sausage----porkinson banger has been dropped

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  • They must be raving mad, there is nothing else to compare with a Porkinson. I don't normally eat or like sausages at all but they are great. I emailed the company to find out where they stock them now and was told they discontinued the line. Good grief how crazy is that. Nothing compares, I hope the company at least gives the recipe to someone who will bring it back to the supermarket shelves.

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  • I absolutely agree with Vanessa et al. These were the very best sausages one could buy. Fantastic hot or cold. Finding a substitute is very difficult. Most 'Finest' sausages are too dry and meaty. Why stop making a fantastic sausage?

    Not bad are 'Porky Whites', but they have a very slight funny herb taste. If you don't mind a fatty sausage, Riverway Foods Cumberland are very tasty.

    'Fuller flavoured Sausage Company', as recommended by Matt Dawson are terrible - so salty and over-seasoned as to be inedible.

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  • I'm so angry that Porkinson Bangers have been dropped. I had finally found a fantastic sausage that everyone in the family adored, as did friends and relations, and they drop it! :(
    I feel so strongly about it I'm going to complain to Kerry and ask if there is any chance they will change their mind.

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  • I have wondered recently why I could not buy these in my usual supermarket & I had a horrible feeling this would be the case. I refuse to buy any other sausages as they are either too greasy or so peppery that you can't actually taste the meat content. Porkinsons were so tasty & a regular meal in our house & worth paying a bit extra for. Why do these companies always discontinue something good & worth keeping just when you find something you really like??????

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  • I was 68 yrs old when I first ate a Porkinsons sausage . I was over the moon best ever. hope it,s not another 68yrs till I find a decent sausage. so sad to see my favourite BANGER is no more solong old friend.

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