Makro staff exit via the fire escape

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Sales consultants made redundant by wholesaler Makro Cash & Carry UK were escorted out of the building by the fire escape, The Grocer has learned.

The majority of customer consultants who had each run a portfolio of around 150 customers were made redundant last Friday, as predicted by The Grocer. A further 75 staff at head office lost their jobs.

“It all came as a bit of a shock as we were called one by one to HR, read a statement, then escorted off the premises via the fire exit,” one consultant said, adding that the company had blamed the dismissals on adverse trading conditions and slow recovery.

Those made redundant have been asked to sign a compromise agreement, giving 90 days pay in lieu of notice and a month’s pay in lieu of consultation.

Readers' comments (6)

  • Makro had lost it's way many years ago.  It's attempts to rebuild and turn things around are hindered by so many issues that it's impossible to know where to start. 

    Trade customer who want to put  £thousands over the counter are left in a queue with trolley loads of high GP goods whilst half a dozen folk pass through tills with borrowed Makro cards buying a single item that is on offer in this weeks Makro Mail.

    The cut backs on the shop floor have left staff morale at a low never seen in wholesale which transfers into very poor customer service and poor productivity.

    Meanwhile Makro tries to be all things to all people and fails at them all (electrical stock is seasons out of date comapred to specialist retailers such as Currys/PC World).  They never picked their battles ay Makro.

    When a new initiative gave them the chance to diversify in a way that could have saved them they blew it. Foodservice would have been an amazing string to their bow but in typical Makro fashion they tried to be all things to all people.   Giving the sales team ridiculous parameters in which to work.  eg  being unable to win delivered business (from competitors such as Brakes and 3663) because the HORECA customer was within Zone 1 of the store.  So sales staff had to convert potential business away from a competitor delivery to coming into store!  Bear in mind that core business in foodservice is within city centres then majority of opportunty is missed when you look at the geography of Makro's stores!

    Those sitting in Manchester with responsibility for delivering the £30, 000, 000 Foodservice operation had limited Foodservice experience and adopted (their previous experience) to make the operation more like that of an Asda/Tesco home delivery with delivery times/days dictated by when customers placed/wanted their orders - immediately limiting profitability and making the distribution clunky.  Factor in that DHL were delivering the goods compared to the experience of Brakes/3663 drivers who care about the customer and know the products then it was never going to work.  In the meantime if you didn't want to go to store or have a delivery you could arraneg to have your goods shipped to a car park in Milton keynes or York and go and collect them: pointless!!

    Foodservice could have kick started Makro and brought incremental sales through the convenience of electrical goods and other sundry items that aren't offered by competitors in the arena.

    There are some great people on the shop floor with a wealth of knowledge, particularly the butchers and fishmongers, but I'm afraid the guy atthe top should have walked long before he did - they made Makro so out of touch with what their target customer needs and in what way they want it  which is bizarre given the amount of daily "huddles", conference calling and spreadsheets they insist on!

    Foodservice was an excuse for people at head office to filter down endless spreadsheets that kept sales staff off the road.  After one reporting tool too many I just never went back in.  They couldn't even fetch the company car as agreed - they reported it stolen so the police collected it!!!  This pretty much sums the business up.

    RIP Makro...

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  • So fed up of reading disgruntled ex-employees' comments on here.

    As a current employee of Makro, I would just like to clarify that yes - there have been a number of changes within both Head office and also within each individual store.  The new management company made the changes as they felt we needed to move in a different direction - to be honest, we needed some fresh eyes and new ideas.

    I know a lot of people have recently left the business, rightly or wrongly, but what has happened cannot be changed and we all need to move on from it. Posting comments on here about what may or may not be happening now within Makro is achieving nothing, except to perhaps alarm our customers unnecessarily.

    Onwards and upwards - please let us get on with it!

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  • I am amazed its still afloat the entire structure is rotten to the core..........I am well out of it...........its quite soul destroying to see so much obviously wrong.........and not a cat in hell's chance of it ever being fixed because everyones covering their backs and telling sub standard managers what they want to hear.............more pointless huddles and more pointless reports and spread sheets .........and still 20 minutes plus to get cigarettes and then you find out still no one on the tills.............what a farce ....................the carry on team would of rejected the script as been too far fetched. 

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  • RIP Makro

    The poster has pretty much got it spot on.

    One simple word to Makro Directors  "Costco"  they are strangling you from all directions.   They are virtually opening 2-3 new stores a year.   Go the to the Costco carpark and it is packed.   Makro - empty.. 

    RIP Makro

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  • 90 days pay , rubbish. They got an average £12k, one was laughing her head off as she'd only been with them 10 weeks lol

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  • ex employes seem maybe just a little bitter for loosing their jobs thats why they have put negative posts on here, yes I agree Makro has had its ups and downs and as an employee of Makro in Bristol and very proud to be part of a committed team Im not a manager or a supervisor but I am a loyal and committed member of staff who has seen Costco trying hard to beat our prices and even being sneaky pretending to be customers thats how worried they were of us, at least Makro staff have uniform where as Costco walk around in jeans and scruffy tops, Makro greets you with a welcome and a smile, Costco charge you £30 to get in to there place, Makro have speacial offers in there Marko Mails, Costco have nothing special to offer, when standing at costcos tills they more or less rip the trolly away from you, treating costco customers like theifs, Makros astmosphere will always be there for the customers theres nothing like Makro and never will be beaten in team effort to get the customer what he or she wants, so no its not rip Makro its long live Makro and all that work in her.

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