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Dr Clive Black is head of research at Shore Capital Stockbrokers.

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  • A land of milk and no money Subscription

    18 Aug 2012

    Tempers have been flaring across pastoral Britain as farmers, far from a radical bunch in the main…

  • Aldi: why is it doing so well? Subscription

    29 Sep 2013

    Aldi has been trading in the UK for nearly 20 years. In the last three or four it has delivered phenomenal sales growth…

  • An idle Adjudicator must go Subscription

    26 May 2012

    Given the structural issues facing the British economy, it is surprising that the government sees fit to prioritise a Grocery Adjudicator Bill in the Queen’s Speech.

  • An uplifting harvest Subscription

    01 Sep 2013

    How different this green and pleasant land is in 2013 compared with last year, with its perpetual deluges…

  • Brand Match vs Price Promise Subscription

    23 Nov 2013

    Sainsbury’s has taken considerable umbrage at the decision by the ASA to ignore its complaints surrounding Tesco’s Price P…

  • Bratislavans want bargains, too Subscription

    09 Jul 2011

    That’s why Tesco is shipping from the UK rather than paying Continental prices, says Dr Clive Black

  • Can Britain remain a nation of shopkeepers? Subscription

    16 Feb 2013

    Is Britain still a nation of shopkeepers? For the third year in a row, we have seen a plethora of shop closures…

  • Can we expect a little quiet on the farming front? Subscription

    13 Apr 2013

    Could 2013 be a ‘quieter’ one for all those involved in and depending on the output of arable farming?…

  • Dancing around the handbags Subscription

    29 Oct 2011

    The Big Price Drop initiative is not radical enough to herald a price war, says Dr Clive Black

  • Developments may leave investors worse off Subscription

    28 Apr 2012

    The UK supermarket industry has entered a phase of development where existing stores are the battlefield.

  • Europe should 'muddle through'

    07 Jan 2012

    For all the uncertainty, there are still major opportunities to be grasped.

  • Farming after EU exit - what would happen? Subscription

    09 Jun 2013

    There remains much chatter about the UK possibly leaving the EU…

  • Fears for Morrisons figures Subscription

    23 Jun 2012

    Sir Kenneth Morrison CBE is one of the world’s greatest grocers. When he speaks, people listen…

  • Food lags behind on growth Subscription

    28 Oct 2013

    Much of the talk from economic commentators is that the economy is back in growth and about to take off…

  • Get ready for the big VAT debate Subscription

    29 Aug 2009

    The Grocer has been championing the need for a more sensible timetable to the return of VAT to prior rate levels.

  • Is food speculation a good thing? Subscription

    31 Mar 2012

    Spring is in the air and the speculative season for soft commodities begins. It’s not just farmers, flour buyers, grain importers and bakers watching the crop reports with interest.

  • Is Iceland about to melt away? Subscription

    14 May 2011

    If Malcolm Walker and co decide not to buy Iceland, it could well disappear.

  • Is Ocado playing with fire talking to Morrisons? Subscription

    12 May 2013

    Morrisons’ talks with Ocado raise questions about Morrisons’ capabilities and Ocado’s business model.

  • Is online shopping penalising the poor? Subscription

    15 Sep 2012

    We were struck by a comment from Morrisons CEO Dalton Philips at the group’s meeting for analysts…

  • Is the tunnel in sight, if not the light? Subscription

    03 Mar 2012

    The new year has brought disappointment in financial markets with downgrades to profit expectations - not just for Tesco…

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