Dettol promises to kill germs with antibacterial Laundry Cleanser

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Dettol launches antibacterial Laundry Cleanser

The Laundry Cleanser is added to a wash with detergent

Reckitt Benckiser is hoping to create a new category with the market-wide roll-out of antibacterial laundry lines under its Dettol brand.

Tapping into concerns that lower-temperature laundry programmes do not kill germs, the company is rolling out Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser following a soft launch in some Tesco stores last month. The liquid, which is added to a wash at the same time as detergent, will be available in 1.5l bottles in two fragrances: Fresh Cotton and Soothing Lavender (rsp: £4.59).

This company is hoping to replicate its success in Italy and Germany, where it claimed the brand had created markets worth €70m and €30m respectively.

While laundry detergents could clean effectively at low temperatures, washes below 60C were not effective at killing bugs, it said.

“When you wash mixed loads of underwear, tea towels etc at 30C you create a bacterial soup,” said marketing director Jerome Lemaire.

“This product is all about letting the consumer wash at the desired low temperature but with the confidence they will have hygienically clean laundry.”

Reckitt Benckiser is working with TV presenter Dr Pixie McKenna, parenting website Bounty and bloggers to educate shoppers about the implications of low-temperature washing as part of a £3m marketing and promotional push including TV ads from 9 September.

Antibacterial laundry products were already widely used by hospitals and catering operations, said Mintel global household analyst Henrik Moller Jorgensen.

“Interest in lower-temperature washing has presented an opportunity and we have started see a lot of this sort of product in Europe in the past few years,” he said, adding that the Dettol launch was well timed to tap into the start of flu season.

Readers' comments (49)

  • Not sure when to add the laundry cleaner , do I put it the soap drawer as I use a washing ball for the detergent , I know it says jut in the conditioner drawer but I have softener in there at the beginng of the wash ?????

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  • Where do you put it if you havealready got fabric conditioner in this drawer. Does this product also take the place of a fabric conditioner. Can the product go in the washing powder compartment with the washing powder. Is the product meant to be used for the last rinse. Not enough info on the bottle.Two full capfuls seems rather a lot and too much for most washing machines fabric conditioner compartments and you will not get many washes out of this bottle. I was looking forward to this product as I have always had concerns about low temperature washing. Forward thinking a fabric conditioner with added laundry cleanser!
    Fresh Cotton smell is good

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  • I'm also confused.... I've used it as a fabric conditioner but not sure it actually is! Although the fresh cotton smells lovely!!

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  • Another con to extract money from clueless consumers. For decades, people have survived without products like this. We are told to turn down the temperatures on the washing machine and save money on one hand and then spend it on this stuff with the other because low temps are creating 'bacterial soup'. Poor laundry habits are the the problem. Not washing tea towels with underwear and not using almost cold water is the solution and it's cheaper than adding more chemical armoury to your laundry routine.

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  • I have been waiting for a product like this for years as I have always had concerns about low temperature washing. I will now be able to use the lower temperatures with confidence.

    I am also wondering if this should be used as a fabric conditioner or as well as. I have been using this mixed with the fabric conditioner but there is barely room in the drawer.

    Please give more information on the bottle or in your advertising.

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  • I also found the instructions unclear. This stuff isn't cheap Reckitt....we don't want to waste it!

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  • Having been in contact with you last year about the benefits of laundry desinfectants available in Germany and other EU countries since many years (and the lack of them in the U.K) I am glad you are now marketing the Dettol Laundry Cleaser in the UK!!!


    I am surprised by some of the comments refering to your product by some of the public i. e. comments that do not take into consideration that there are many machine washable items which have to be washed at low temperature which would clearly not kill potentially hazardous germs, unless some desinfectant additive is used!

    Paul Abl,

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  • the very reason i "googled " product. i have bought and used and yes clothes smell lovely and fresh, but as bottle says to put in softener draw is this used instead of softener ? i have trouble getting 2 capfuls in my softener drawer (zanussi ) let alone softener as well.
    perhaps it should go on top of clothes in drum, as another post says " not enough info on bottle " come on dettol more info please !

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  • I am confused as well just phoned the company to ask where does this Dettol laundry cleaners go in the washing machine ...It says in the fabric conditioner draw but there's no more for both.....well the reply I got was ..1...Put it into fabric drawer when I had already explained not room for both .. 2. don't use fabric softener then ....3. well soak clothes in it... well the whole idea was to put in washing machine is it not ... couldn't get a proper answer so there giving me a refund ...not much help .???

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  • I've found the answer as long as you have a timer on your washing machine.
    1. Use powder/liquid as usual, and fabric conditioner to draw.
    2. Using 40*- 1200 spin wash cycle, when your timer gets to 8 minutes that's when fabric conditioner is taken, let it take the conditioner for short time.
    3. Then pause your machine ,add the laundry cleanser to fabric conditioner draw, and restart your machine..... DONE !!!!!
    Don't know on 30* wash ....just get the timing right

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