LEVER FABERGé Persil in round liquid portion pack capsules, in 20's and 40's at rsp £2.99 and £5.39 respectively. Introduced: May 2001. Sales: £30m brand value, growing at £1.85m monthly average. Packaging features: curved cardboard pack ­ concave back and front and convex on the sides ­ that echoes the capsules and the shape of a washing machine. Designer: In house reseach centre, Flaardingen. Judges comment: Very innovative and technically challenging shape matched by excellent graphics, and conveyance of brand values. A classic that will go down in packaging design history. 2 QUALITY STREET TUB NESTLé ROWNTREE The tub takes Quality Street into informal sharing with a wide top for easy dipping. Launched in 2001, in 600g (rsp £4.99) and 700g (rsp £5.60) sizes. Brand size: The tub has helped grow the Quality Street brand, worth £92m, by 9% in the last year. Packaging features: Claimed to be the first polypropylene pack to be glued, rather than folded with tabs and slots. Designer: Future Brand. Manufacturer: Burall PlasTec. Judges comment: Very smart, technically impresssive pack with good graphics that updates the brand. The impact of light through the frosted pack makes the contents glow, encouraging dipping. 3 ARCHERS AQUA GUINNESS UDV Claimed to be the first premium packaged spirit brand to directly target a young female audience. Launched May 2001, in five flavours, at rsp £1.39. Sales: Number 3 brand in the off-trade this Christmas [Guinness UDV]. Packaging features: Curvaceous glass bottle nicknamed Sophie Dahl, with frosted-look shrink sleeve featuring bubbles as background graphic, plus coloured neck and cap to indicate flavour variant. Designer: Future Brand Consumer. Manufacturer: Avir Owens and Vetri Saint-Gobain. Judges comment: An impressive frosted-look sleeve with excellent graphics, colours and bottle shape offering good shelf stand out and appeal to its female audience. DISCOVER ....SALAD FETA WITH .. ARLA FOODS The 150g packs contain cubes of Feta cheese in oil with one of four added ingredients that provide an instant meal solution. Sales: £2m brand. Packaging features: The half moon shaped pack is said to be the first of its kind in the cheese fixture. Designer: IBH Group. Manufacturer: Amcor Flexibles (pack) and AD Labels (labels). Judges comment: Nice shape, but it would be better if the high oil content were less visible, particularly as usage includes snacking. Too many messages on the labelling. ENJOY! BIRDS EYE WALL'S A range of eight frozen ready meals for one, designed to bring the excitement of chilled food to the freezer cabinet. Rsp £2.99, except vegetable biryani at rsp £2.29. Introduced January 2001, with packaging updated in February 2002. Sales: £21m [Information Resources]. Packaging features: A copper foil gusseted style sealed bag and high gloss colours provide maximum freezer stand out. Designer: Springpoint. Manufacturer: Huhtamaki Ronsberg. Judges comment: High quality materials and graphics create an expensive-looking pack that's a real innovation for the freezer. HEINZ SIMPLY A range of premium ambient 120g organic fruit and vegetable puree babyfood, rsp 74p each. Introduced October 2001. Sales: 2.3% sector value share in first six months [Heinz]. Packaging features: Clear microwaveable pot, sealed with a peelable, aluminium based lid protected by a clear overclosure incorporating a self-adhesive label. The pot is overwrapped by a printed PET shrinksleeve with a perforated tear strip. Designer: Heinz and Jones Knowles Ritchie (graphics). Manufacturer: BP, Lawson Mardon, Robinsons, RPC and Decorative Sleeve. Judges comment: Very good pack offering excellent product visibility, ease of use, good seals, the reassurance of tamper evidence and attractive organic message. Main weakness is too much information on the pack. MARS, SNICKERS, TWIX AND BOUNTY ICE CREAM RANGE MASTERFOODS Leading confectionery lines in 500ml ice cream tubs. Launched March 2001, rsp £2.79. Brand size of range: £6.1m [Information Resources]. Packaging features: Cardboard tubs. Designer: Jenifer Nicoll (Mars) Christopher Bros (Snickers, Twix and Bounty). Manufacturer: Shoeller. Judges comment: Disappointing ­ design, graphics and materials don't live up to the product quality. PENGUIN FLIPPER DIPPER McVITIE'S Chocolate flipper-shaped biscuits with a chocolate and vanilla-flavoured dip for children's lunchbox and snacking, rsp 49 for 45g, and in triple pack, rsp £1.19. Introduced February 2001. Sales: £3m. Packaging features: Flipper-shaped twin-pot pack with peelable film lid. Designer: JKR. Manufacturer: Amcor. Judges comment: Neat, playful brand extension, let down by board quality. POWERADE COCA-COLA ENTERPRISES A 500ml sports drink for sports participants in three flavours for the UK market at rsp 89p. Introduced November 2001. Sales: 13.2% value share of the sports segment [ACNielsen]. Packaging features: A squeeze and glug' robust PET bottle with a ridged panel for easy gripping, and a re-sealable sports cap. Designer: Coca-Cola. Judges comment: Excellent non-drip closure. The ribbed texture squeezy bottle effectively conveys that it's a technical sports drink. Graphics very average. REAL FRUIT WINDERS KELLOGG Children's confectionery offering lots of play appeal in unwinding the dried fruit based roll concealed within the cartoon-printed greaseproof backing paper. Two flavours, rsp 29p each, £1.29 for multipack of six. Launched February 2001. Sales: An international bestseller, UK brand size is £20m. Packaging features: Foil wrapper and greaseproof backing paper. Designer: Kellogg and Leonardo Co (backing paper). Manufacturers: Peche Beamis (foil wrap), Brannopac (backing paper), MMP (carton). Judges comment: Lots of play appeal, easy to use and good use of materials, but not truly innovative as the concept is well established in US. SCOOBY DOO MINI CHEESEBURGERS FRIES AND KETCHUP UNIQ PREPARED FOODS A range of two children's meals for Asda with a licensed design introduced in April 2001 at rsp £1.98. Brand size: £800,000 Packaging features: Natural fully coated card. Carry handles also act as an anti-tamper device. Designer: Keen Graphics. Manufacturer: Cartonage. Judges comment: A happy meal' pack with a good closure that performs well, but the concept is far from new. SHARWOOD'S INDIAN AND ORIENTAL JARRED SAUCES CENTURA FOODS A range of 10 Indian and nine Oriental cook-in jarred sauces, at rsp £1.35-£1.59, relaunched with new packaging in September 2000 (Indian) and August 2001 (Oriental). Sales: £81m brand with 7% year-on-year growth [ACNielsen]. Packaging features: Square glass jar that reflects the Mango Chutney icon brand, plus vibrant graphics. Designer: Brandhouse Wickens Tutt Southgate. Manufacturers: Beatson Clarke (jar), Omerods (labelling) Judges comment: Uninspiring standard format that doesn't convey the brand's premium quality, though the graphics are nice. STELLA ARTOIS 1-litre bottle INTERBREW A one litre take-home version of the brand designed to take it into the sharing market. Introduced June 2001, at rsp £2.99. Brand size: £500,000 (IUK). Packaging features: Embossed and de-bossed glass with a foot that reflects the Stella Artois branded pint glass; heavily inked labelling to give stand-out and a foil neck overwrap to give a prestige look. Designer: Jones Knowles Ritchie Manufacturer: Rockware Glass Judges comment: A nice execution, but not innovative ­ the take home 1-litre beer has been done before ­ and Stella Artois is doing catch-up. TERRY'S CHOCOLATE ORANGE MINI segments KRAFT FOODS A 330g tub designed for sharing at rsp £3.99. The relaunched pack was introduced in August 2001 and Kraft says it has delivered 38% uplift in total year sales, and 46% uplift in the 12 weeks to Christmas. Packaging features: A reusable polypropylene tub with unusual segment-shaped lid. Designer: Vibrandt. Manufacturer: Robinsons Plastic Packaging. Judges comment: Pack shape cleverly echoes the product and overall conveyance of brand values is high, but materials and seals could be better. WALKERS SENSATIONS Premium range of crisps in five indulgent flavours ­ Thai sweet chilli and oven roasted chicken & thyme, among them ­ in 150g packs plus two in 40g packs. Introduced March 2002. Sales expectancy: £35m by end of 2003 (Walkers). Packaging features: Laminate polymount pack depicts visual flavour cues by leading food photographer David Loftus. Designer: Landor Associates Manufacturer: Alcan Lawson Mardon. Judges comment: Excellent graphics and photography, but confusing brand messages on an otherwise standard packaging format. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}