Bambos gets his fruit and veg from Spitalfields market and has great expectations of the summer season. He always makes a big display of watermelons which customers love. "I expect we'll sell piles ­ we always do." He doesn't intend to stock produce from local farmers. "It's too much hassle," he says. But he has resumed selling fresh meat, changing to a butcher in Essex after an attempt 18 months ago was scuppered when his supplier went bust during the foot and mouth crisis. Bambos is stocking fresh whole chickens, chicken portions and mince ­ all in the chiller cabinet ­ and his hopes are high. "I think it will go well, although it's a bit early to say. I haven't advertised it because I think people will be able to see it clearly." Bambos has a reputation for Greek food and runs a popular olive bar which he capitalised on during the Greek Easter at the end of April. He offers extra goodies such as Greek Easter cake and sweets which bring in extra trade as they're popular with the local Greek community. He took that Easter period as a holiday and laughs off the fact that the four-day break involved a lot of sorting out and catching up when he returned. He's really looking forward to closing the sale on his adjacent fish and chip shop. "It will give me spare cash and extra time to spend on this store. It's really hanging over me at the moment ­ I can't wait for it to all be over." {{FEATURES }}