Authentic ethnic foods are a growing force on supermarket shelves, and the canned goods fixture is no exception. Patak's 21% share of the £15.2m canned Indian sauce market is second only to Homepride's and the Patak message is that authentic, top quality lines are selling well. Marketing manager Lucie Morran says: "The range offers a wide choice of premium curry sauces in a convenient format. They are traditional Indian recipes, giving consumers a quick and authentic dish." The listings across four broad curry groups in five major multiples retail at 85p for a 283g can and are proof of the interest in the ethnic food fixture. Canned lines are still popular in this area because they are easy to store and relatively inexpensive. As well as authenticity, consumers are looking for a wider choice in the ethnic foods fixture. John Brennan, marketing director for the Dunn's River and Silk Road brands, says: "With Dunn's River, the consumer can try more diverse dishes in an easy to prepare format." Recipe products are not the only option for the sector, either. After years of eating Chinese foods, British consumers are looking for ingredients which may not be available to them in fresh form. Brennan says: "Consumers look to canned products to provide ingredients for a main dish. For this reason, canned ethnic lines such as the Silk Road range are becoming increasingly mainstream as consumers look to replicate restaurant quality Chinese dishes at home. "There will continue to be a strong consumer demand for staple or pantry lines in cans, provided they meet taste and quality expectations." The growing interest in ethnic foods is not wasted on other mainstream manufacturers. Tulip International last year launched the Stagg Chilli range into the UK market with a £3m support package, of which £2.5m went into TV. "Although Stagg Chilli comes in a can," says product manager Helen Lynn, "we believe there is an opportunity to capitalise on the product's American heritage by positioning it within the ethnic food fixture." {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}