Alpro claims to hold more than 50% of the £12.5m dairy free yogurt and pot dessert sector which, it says, is set to double in value over the next five years. Product manager Greig Saunders says: "The sector is no longer driven by consumers suffering from dairy allergies or lactose intolerance. Soya desserts and yogurts are mainstream purchases for an ever growing number of consumers concerned about their general well being and health." The company's Yofu dairy free yogurts contain the same live cultures as its dairy equivalents and include organic and calcium enriched variants, plus a kids' range called Junior Yofu. Seven dairy-free desserts under the Provamel brand are also calcium enriched, and two are organic. A £3m press campaign kicks off in May endorsed by celebrities ranging from pop star Louise Redknapp to Linford Christie. Interest in all things organic continues to blossom. According to Müller's short-life dairy products report, sales of organic short-life dairy products have grown by 20% to £31.7m [ACNielsen]. It is, however, still an area where niche players can grow share. Yeo Valley Organic claims to be the fastest moving organic company, commanding a staggering 60% share of the organic sector. At the end of April, it is adding three wholemilk yogurts, three fat-free fruit yogurts and a fat-free natural yogurt to its organic repertoire. Marketing director Ben Cull says: "We are taking full advantage of the better availability of organic ingredients by developing across our whole product range." Rachel's Organic Dairy claims its yogurt brand grew by 26% in 2001, a success it hopes to repeat in 2002 when it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Last year it launched its first fat free yogurt in three flavours ­ apricot, raspberry and strawberry, and its organic low fat range now has two new flavours: rhubarb and lemon, which are listed in Waitrose and Sainsbury. Antony Worrall Thompson has teamed up with Delamere Dairy to produce a premium range of yogurts made from British goats' milk in natural, lemon and lime zest, mandarin and ginger, and summer berries flavours (The Grocer, April 13, p59). The yogurts will be available from mid-May in 125g pots at an rsp of 69p for the fruit versions and 65p for the natural. Makefresh, a revolutionary new concept for making yogurt launched at Food Expo, is now being trialled in Asda and Morrisons. Created by Carrs Flour Mills, it consists of three plain yogurt powder variants; raspberry and strawberry sauces; a yogurt maker containing one 800ml and two small pots; and simple instructions showing how to make yogurt in less than 24 hours. US owned Kosy Shack, based in Co Monaghan, claims it's captured 10% of the chilled desserts sector in Ireland with a range of traditional rice puddings and flavoured creamy desserts. It is now making inroads into the UK with listings in Asda, Morrisons, Safeway and Sainsbury. The company says the Kosy Shack range contain no artificial additives, are low in fat, yet rich and creamy. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}