A campaign to boost the image of beer has been launched with an investment of nearly £1m planned over three years.
The Beautiful Beer campaign, spearheaded by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and the country’s main brewers, includes a roll-out to consumer PR later in the year in a bid to change perceptions about beer.
“We think there is an opportunity to promote beer’s health benefits, its natural ingredients and drinking it with food,” said Peter Kendall, chairman of the Beautiful Beer steering group and chief executive of Coors.
A key target group for the campaign will be women. Brewers will be encouraged to launch women-friendly wine-
style glasses as well as introduce a ‘third of a pint’ measure.
The campaign is likely to target food, drink and lifestyle sections of weekend papers, women’s magazines, television
and radio. Research has shown consumers often think beer does not go with food and changing this perception will be a key aim. “Beer with food offers a route to engaging media and through them, consumers, who are currently dismissing beer as an option on many drinking occasions, most notably when eating a meal,” said Kendall.
The campaign follows a pilot programme across 340 pubs where training on beer service delivered average sales growth of 3% in volume.
However, the campaign will also support the off-trade. Kendall said the training programme, which includes the British Institute of Innkeeping’s Award in Beer and Cellar Quality and courses by the Beer Academy, has seen an uplift in applicants from the off-trade.
“The percentage of off-trade course delegates is recognised as being important for buyers and a way of communicating with customers at point of sale.”
Sonya Hook