21 August 2004

The Grocer

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  • Record results for Canadian C-store chain Subscription

    27 Aug 2004

    Alimentation Couche-Tard, the Canadian convenience retailer has reported an increase in sales of 182.8% to $2.49bn for the first quarter ended July 18, up from $880.9m for the same quarter last year.This includes the $1.42bn from Circle K,...

  • Tesco tops the list with £26m Subscription

    27 Aug 2004

    The eight men who run Tesco earned £26m between them last year, according to a report in today’s Guardian.The Tesco key players netted £4m more than directors from Vodafone, in the number two spot, and £23m more than rivals Sainsbury and...

  • Wiseman wins again with Tesco milk deal Subscription

    27 Aug 2004

    Robert Wiseman Dairies has been successful in Tesco’s review of its fresh milk supply arrangements, as well as increasing its fresh milk share at Sainsbury, as reported yesterday.The company will now hold a 60% share of Tesco’s fresh milk...

  • Somerfield joins Tchibo to expand non-food Subscription

    27 Aug 2004

    Somerfield is significantly expanding the space it devotes to non-food following a deal with German coffee maker and non-food supplier Tchibo to roll out dedicated displays in 100 stores.The Tchibo concept, piloted at selected stores for six...

  • BSI standard for continuity Subscription

    27 Aug 2004

    The British Standards Institute is developing a formal standard for business continuity planning so that companies are better prepared when things go wrong.The standard is currently in draft form and should go out for consultation shortly,...

  • Rosé boom boosts French wine outlook Subscription

    27 Aug 2004

    France’s troubled wine industry gets a boost as the French are increasingly turning to rosé wine.As sales of French red wine are particularly struggling producers and retailers are reporting a growing demand for rosé.Chateau de Sours...

  • Diageo to buy Dutch Ursus brand Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    Diageo has signed a deal to purchase Dutch vodka brand Ursus, which is the number two vodka brand in Europe behind its Smirnoff brand.Ursus was originally an Icelandic drink before it was purchased by Dutch firm Homebergh in 1995. The...

  • Heinz soups get a revamp Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    Heinz has relaunched its Classic and Big Soup ranges of soups as part of its commitment to reduce salt, fat and sugar, as well as upping the quantity of ‘main ingredients’ such as meat and vegetables.The new Heinz tomato soup for example now...

  • Japan Tobacco hit with Canadian smuggling fine Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    Japan Tobacco has been forced to acquire bankruptcy protection for its Canadian business after the Quebec government imposed a £600m smuggling fine.The world’s third largest tobacco company, which owns the Camel brand outside the US, has...

  • Red Bull sales boost Rexam profits Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    Energy drink Red Bull has aided the success of the world’s biggest drinks can maker Rexam, which has seen a 14% rise in first–half pre-tax profits to £80m.The popularity of energy drinks across Europe has boosted sales of Red Bull and has...

  • Microwave plans for healthy eating Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    Sharp has developed a new microwave that will force out fat and salt from any food it cooks.The machines will cost around £650 and will use steam power to spray the food with intense jets and reduce fat and salt to liquid as it cooks the...

  • SABMiller builds new China brewery Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    China Resource Breweries, an associate of SABMiller, has announced it will invest $82m in constructing a new brewery in the city of Donguan, in the southeast Chinese province of Guangdong.The brewery will be able to produce both premium and...

  • Dairy Farm maintains strength in Asia Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    Dairy Farm has announced good profit growth for the first half of 2004 with results benefiting from acquisitions over the past few years.Sales for the first half increased by 16% to $2.5bn, with underlying net profit up 40% to $62m. Actual...

  • Express debuts in Belfast Subscription

    27 Aug 2004

    Tesco is opening a new front in its battle to dominate the c-store sector with its first Express store in Northern Ireland.Opening n Monday, the store is in Ballyhackamore, east Belfast and goes head to head with a flagship Spar forecourt...

  • Spar chosen as Esso’s symbol group supplier Subscription

    25 Aug 2004

    Spar has been recommended as the symbol group supplier of choice for Esso owner dealers across the UK.Steve Blackmore, Spare retail director, said: “Spar has experience of 400 forecourts in the UK and Northern Ireland.“Now having...

  • Toothpaste gets fresher Subscription

    25 Aug 2004

    Colgate Palmolive has teamed up with Bioprogress to create Max Fresh, a new toothpaste with breath-freshening strips mixed in.Bioprogress, which makes products including colostomy bags and non-gelatine drug capsules, has already developed...

  • Tesco continues to lead the way Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    Tesco continues its pattern of gaining market share whereas Asda sees its second month of slower sales growth, according to research by TNS.Research indicated that Tesco had 28.1% of the market in the 12 weeks to August 15, but Sainsbury’s...

  • Retailers want more Sunday trading Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    More than two thirds of retailers in England and Wales would open for longer on a Sunday if allowed to do so, according to a survey by law firm Bond Pearce to mark the tenth anniversary of the introduction of Sunday trading.The Sunday...

  • Sainsbury reviews its milk suppliers Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    Sainsbury has carried out a review of its milk suppliers and has favoured Robert Wiseman Dairies over Arla.Robert Wiseman will now hold a 50% share of Sainsbury’s fresh milk requirements compared to its previous 20%, while Arla will cease to...

  • Net income of E32m for Ahold Q2 Subscription

    26 Aug 2004

    Ahold has recorded net sales of E12.3bn for its second quarter, which is a decrease of 4.9% compared to the same period last year. Net sales growth was 3% if currency and divestment impacts are excluded. The improvement of net income...

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