Sales: £348.1m Growth: -4.8%

If this ranking was all about attention-grabbing marketing stunts, Carlsberg would surely be number one.

The past year has seen a plethora of entertaining gimmicks, from the creation of a beer-dispensing billboard in East London, to a humorous parody of the notorious Protein World ads, asking consumers if they were ‘beer body ready’, to the creation of what may well be the first range of male grooming products containing Carlsberg.

In the brand’s main area of income, though - beer - the results have been murkier. The flagship lager is relatively healthy, with volumes up 1.6% and value sales down 3.5%, but Carlsberg Export is down 6.6% on volumes down 4.6%.

To get back on track, this year saw the relaunch of the If Carlsberg Did… campaign, backed with £12m spend, as well as a Trust Your Tastebuds outdoor push for Export - which claims seven out of 10 consumers preferred it to Stella (1) in a taste test.