Sales: £538.2m (+0.4%)

In double-digit growth last year, Dairy Milk sales are at a standstill as core CDM lines have fallen 10%. But that’s minor against a 25% crash in Marvellous Creations bars.

It’s a shocking turnaround after their explosive launch in 2013, although brand extensions including a Marvellous Creations Easter egg and bagged Marvellous Mix-ups have more than made up for the bars’ losses.

Other successful NPD included CDM Lu and CDM Ritz - worth £13m together - with Mondelez this year rolling out the similar CDM Oat Crunch snack. And last month it kicked off a £7m marketing push to promote the range of CDM variants including co-branded bars Oreo, Daim and Chips Ahoy.